Nom Nom (I mean chocolate!) | #13 Pattern

Appropriate pattern for today, right? What's your favourite type of chocolate?
I really like milk and dark chocolate (specially the one with more than 70% cocoa).
Since I was little that I had a think for chocolate and chocolate flavoured things. Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate chip cookies... Chocolate cereals.
But I found myself nowadays being a little bit weird, because there are a lot of thins claiming that are chocolate, but then, they don't taste like chocolate to me, which leads to disappointment. If I'm eating something that says chocolate I wanted it to taste like, not to just look like it...

Oh well, I hope you have a nice day with at least a chocolate or two!!


Colab with Plan with Anita - NEW notepad

Hoje é dia anunciar mais uma colaboração especial! Desta vez com a Anita do Plan with Anita.

Talvez não saibam mas existe uma comunidade crescente de pessoas que gosta de planear e de ter agendas. A Anita faz parte desta comunidade, e desafiou-me a criar juntamente com ela dois blocos que podem ajudar a quem  precisa de se organizar, semanalmente seja na vida profissional/privada e também para quem têm blog (seja ele a tempo inteiro ou hobbie).
Today is very important day! Because today I'm announcing another special collaboration, this time with Anita from Plan with Anita.

Maybe you're not aware of this emerging community of planners and organization lovers. Anita does part of this community and challenge me to create with her two notepads that can help organize your week life either professioanlly, private and even your blog!

Bloco Organização Semanal \\ Weekly Planner Notepad

no etsy \\ on etsy


Sleeping Kittens | Pattern #12

I mention this week that I should draw more cats, so... a pattern with cats sound awesome to start on that.

A couple years ago my grandmother had three stray cats in her backyard and their fur were all grey and stripes. So when I was colouring this cat pattern I remind myself of them.


Coffee & Shopping cart | Pattern #10 & #11

Coffee & Drinks | #10

I've been thinking in creating more patterns, but with all the changes in Nuts for Paper I haven't been able to create much. 
I struggled a lot when choosing the colours for this patterns. I have this tendency for blue and blue, and more blue. I still used blue, but my first urge was to use blue as the background colour. 
In the end I liked the end result, but if I ever make it for a Nuts for Paper notebook I think it needs a little something... maybe a tag or something along those lines.

Shopping Cart # 11

In this one I've try it to keep as neutral as possible, but with a big pop of colour. I'm seeing myself adapt this pattern to create a shopping list. Personally I would change the background for a blueish colour, but for reason I really like the pink in this pattern!

What's your thoughts on these patterns?

*I hope this week get back to normal schedule on posting this challenge, and not be two weeks late again.


Thank you!

Acabadinha de regressar dos correios queria partilhar com vocês o que enviei hoje
Just got home from the post office I wanted to share a few of the things I've send today



Chegámos aos 2000 likes no facebook! Não só chegámos aos 2000 como ultrapássamos!
Para mim isto é algo que merece ser comemorado, e a melhor maneira de o fazer é lançar um giveaway!

E desta vez é algo mesmo grande! São três prémios, três vencedores.
Cada prémio é constituido por um caderno/agenda semanal de coisas a fazer e dois pins.

We rechead the 2000 likes on Facebook! And even surpassed it!
To me this deserve to be celebrated, and what better way than a quick giveaway.

And this time is really epic! Three prices and three winners!
Each price will be a notebook/ weekly to-dos Planner + 2 pins


Books I'm currently reading - March'15

I've always have a big pile of books that I've started to read. Currently I'm reading the following ones:

1 . 2 . 3 . 4

1) Horns by Joe Hill. (horror/paranormal novel) I was so excited about this book and the film. I even started to write one blog post that never saw the light of the day. I made post with a quote from it. And then I never pick it up again. I really don't know what happened. (also mentioned in Books I still want to finish to read this year )

2) The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. (espionage/crime) This book happened the same. I was super into it. Really enjoying it. And then one day I never pick it again. [I even made two posts with quotes - a mass of contradictions and on the observer separated from the events ]

3) The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. (horror/vampires novel) You must be completely fed up of seeing talking about this book, so I'll just say that I have to keep remembering me that it's best reading it during day... just to keep me safe from nightmares. (mentioned in New books for February and Graphic Novel - The Strain vol.1)

4) The Killing by David Hewson. (crime/thriller) I've seen the american version of the TV show, also saw a couple of episodes of the original TV show and now  at last I can read it!

5 . 6 . 7
5) Devil May Cry (Dark Hunter Series nº 7) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. (paranormal novel) When I was on my Dark Hunter Series reading marathon I've started to read this book. And never finish it. Must fix that soon.

6) Infinity (Chronicles of Nick nº1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (paranormal novel) Companion books of the Dark Hunter Series, but more focused on the charather of Nick Gautier

7) Kingdom Series Collection [Her Mad Hatter; Gerard's Beauty; Red and Her Wolf] by Marie Hall I've read Her Mad Hatter (the first part) in one sitting. It's short and sort of re-telling/romance of Alice in Wonderland. I really enjoy it. The other two are Belle and the Best and Red Ridding Hood re-tellings and I'm looking forward to finish them too.

8. 9 . 10

8) Trees Vol.1 by Warren Willis and Jason Howard (Graphic Novel) an interesting and different take on Alien live. There is intelligent life in our solar system, they just don't recognize us as intelligent or alive.

9) Locke & Key Vol.2 Head Games by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (Graphic Novel) I'm not the biggest fan of the art of these Graphic Novel series, but the story is very intriguing and strongly inspired by Lovecraft and Stephen King horror stories.

10) The Fade Out Vol.1 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips (Graphic Novel) Beautiful graphic novel inspired in Noir era! Set in Hollywood during (or after) 2nd World War. To me it's brilliant, but I'm already a fan of this duo's graphic novels!!

11 . 12 . 13 . 14
11) The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures by Dan Roam. (Marketing Book) Another way of think and sell.

12) The Handmade Marketplace:  How to Sell your crafts locally, globally and online by Kari Chapin (Marketing? Book) It's a good resource of information with a lot of collaborations from various sellers and bloggers. It might not be the most up to date book. But is still a good one.

13) Steal like an Artist : 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon it's a fun book about how you can research and be a better artist, without over thinking.

14) An Ilustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory It's always fun to sneak peek to other's artist, creators and makers sketchbooks.

15 . 16 . 17 . 18

15) Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. I'm not sure when I will pick this one again. It's interesting seeing the Daily Rituals of other Artists and Creators, but I feel like right now I should focus more on creating my own daily rituals than know the others.

16) Just Enough Research by Erika Hall it's a brilliant book about Research on Design work/projects.

17) On Brand by Wally Olins (work book) it's a great book about how brands work, how they develop to the current stage. I think it's quite appropriate for anyone, but specially for the ones who work with image and brands. I also have The Brand Handbook by the same author. I haven't started to read it yet.

18) Mythologies by Roland Barthes. (work book) This is not the sort of book you read in one sitting. It's something to be read calmly. Roland Barthes was literary theorist, a philosopher and a semiotician.
"Barthes's many monthly contributions that were collected in his Mythologies (1957) frequently interrogated specific cultural materials in order to expose how bourgeois society asserted its values through them. (...) He found semiotics, the study of signs, useful in these interrogations.(...)However, the bourgeoisie relate it to a new signified: the idea of healthy, robust, relaxing experience. Motivations for such manipulations vary, from a desire to sell products to a simple desire to maintain the status quo. " Quote from Wikipedia.

I might have a few more books that I'm currently reading for a long time. But these ones are the ones I kept track on Goodreads. And at least part of them I wish finish reading this year, or at least as soon as possible.

Happy Readings!!

EDIT: do you thing I have a thing for blue books? I know it's my favourite colour but six blue covers out of eighteen are a lot of blue covers!!


Mudanças! \\ Changes

Postal com ilustração de Esquilo \\ Postcard with Squirrel Illustration

Já devem ter dado conta que as coisas andam um pouco diferentes para estes lados.
Muito do silêncio que provavelmente tem dado conta tem a ver com a situação da Nuts for Paper ter mudado.
You might have noticed that things are changing or different around here.
Much of the silence that you might have been aware is a result of the changes that are happening here at Nuts for Paper studio/ headquarters.


I love Books | #9 Pattern

If you follow me on my other blog, or even on facebook you've might have noticed that we I have a serious obsession on books. This year I thought I was going to be good and only buy around 15 books for this year. But we're only in March and I'm already in 50 books!!! HOW did this happen? I have no idea! Well maybe... you know online shopping sucks, and it's really good in sucking you in. I don't regret any of the books I've purchased... and my excuse is that they are my birthday gift for myself... although my birthday is only in April. Oh well, but some books are already arriving and I can't wait to read them all! If you would like to see what I'm reading follow me on Goodreads

Books I still want to finish to read this year (To be read)

This is a list of books I wanted to finish before 2014 end. It didn't work. But I still wanted to share it. Some of them I've already read, or shared about them recently.

Classics and Work (things related with Design and Images)

1) The Pearl by John Steinbeck (book - pt) It's a Classic and such short book that I don't understand why I haven't finish it yet (yes I've tried to read it at least twice)
2) Mythologies by Roland Barthes (book-pt) [More about it in Books I'm Currently Reading].
3) Just Enough Research by Erika Hall (ebook-en) Another book I've started to read and haven't finish yet. It was also the first ebook I've bought.

Horror and Thriller Novels (all of these three red books are also available in movie format)

4) Horns by Joe Hill (ebook)  [More about it in Books I'm Currently Reading]
5) Red Dragon by Thomas Harris (ebook) Since I've found out that the Hannibal Lecter moives are based in novels that I've been really looking forward to read the actuals books.
6) Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (ebook) it happen the same as the previous book. I hope I manage to read these two this year.

Fantasy (Continue to read two series I've already started)

7) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas Series) by Dean Koontz (ebook) I've only read the first book of this series. I really liked it. It's a little bit different, I don't usually read books about people who can see ghosts or death people. I really liked how the first one was written. Looking forward to keep reading the series.
8) Blood Rites (Dresden Files Series) by Jim Butcher (audiobook) This is the 6th book of the series. I've already read it. I really love this series. The next one is Dead Beat.

Graphic Novels and Comics

9) Habibi by Craig Thompson. I love Craig artwork. So I'm interest in getting into this book. The only "down" is that I like to read comics in one sitting and usually his comics are big a fully packed with details.
10/11)  The Strain vol. 1 and The Strain vol. 2 written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, adapted for comic format by David Lapham, Mike Hudoleston and Dan Jackson [More about it in Books I've Read so far this year, New Books for February and Graphic Novel - The Strain vol. 1]

Thriller/Spy and Historic Book (Books I've been a long time to Read and that also are trilogies)

12) The Bourne Identity (Bourne Trilogy) by Robert Ludlum (ebook)  [More about it in Books I'm Currently Reading].
13) Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy) by Ken Follett (book - pt) I'm not sure if this will be the year I will pick up this book. Besides being a HUGE book, I'm not sure if I will be in the mood for historical fiction. Lately I've been more up to fantasy, adventure and thrillers (as you can see by my list of New Books for February).

Happy Readings!!