Cat Planner - Custom Illustration

setembro 25, 2015

Some behind the scenes of the creation of another custom order. This time the Cat Planner.
It all started with the sketch (a coffee and some toast to give a boost of energy).

After the sketch is done, it's time ink it with black markers. I usually use waterproof and fade proof markers (either Staedtler or Micron Sakura markers) in the 0.1 and 0,3 nib size.
The next step is scan the drawing and in this case make it work with a previous illustration.

Choose the colour palette. In this case I focused in the client favourite colours: Green , Blue and Pink. She told that her cat loved to snuggle in her bed and pillows, and so that's what I've tried to done. She also told me that her night stand and around her bed it's usually some stacks of books, so I added them. The last thing I've added was the artwork on the wall, just to add a little something to it.

And here is the final result! For elastic I've chosen a very pale green elastic.

And in the back cover the cactus and succulents.

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