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fevereiro 11, 2015

I'm quite happy with my sketchbook this week. I've been doing at least one sketch a day. Something I've missed a lot in the past months.

Usually for these type  of sketches I'll find inspiration online, through the blogs and websites I scroll.
One thing I've really missded was to draw people in street style.

Of course my new babbies, aka my new Copic markers also we're a plus on going back drawing. Between those, poscas and watercolours I can actually make some really nice things.

For Nuts for Paper we had a custom order for a plannwe autumnal elements. After I had the line art for the digital versions I had this urge of painting them.

Recently I've also found out that drawing trees and trunks is quite relaxing. Now I laugh at my old self for so many years avoid drawing trees. "- You see now, it's not that hard! You just have to keep drawing them."

I've also found out that I like to make little squirrel cameos over the custom order illustrations (when it's possible of course). In the doggy illustration that I've shared in Nuts for Paper blog, I've also added two squirrels. In this case there was only one, but it's quite the main characther in the back cover. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have a photo of that planner too.

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