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novembro 16, 2015

I've just got a few new brush pens in the mail, and I wanted to share them with you!

These are the ones that I now own (they are all made in Japan and from the same brand Kuretake, although the Brush Writer ones are also known as Zig Brush Writer).

1) Kuretake Bimoji Super Fine (black marker)
2) Kuretake Bimoji Fine (NEW black marker)
3) Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen Medium
4) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Lilac (NEW and water based ink)
5) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Light Blue (NEW)
6) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Carmine Red (NEW)
7) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Light Grey
8) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Blue Grey
9) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Grey
10) Kuretake Zig Brush nº22 (Black water based ink - NEW)

Kuretake Bimoji Fine (NEW black marker)
Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Carmine Red (NEW)

Kuretake Zig Brush nº22 (Black water based ink - NEW)

In the studio I keep most of the materials more related with Nuts for Paper business. But at my home office I like to keep some essential art supplies that often I carry around when I need them. Here's a sneak peak of it.

1) Embroidery line in dirty white for Nuts for Paper Notebooks
2) Paper Tissues - I always have a few packs in hand - not just because I have sinusitis but also I might need to wipe something clean.
3) Two small turquoise baskets with random things - tape, baker's twine, jewellery, buttons, ipod, telephone charger and memory disks.
4) Cubic glass jar with all the cables I might need. (Although most of the times there is always a few cables scattered around the desk).
5) I Love NY mug (it was a gift from my father brought from the NY airport) in this mug I keep my blue and purple shades of Copic Ciao markers.
6) Red Mug (Giant MUG) it's where I keep the rest of my Copic Ciao markers. Initially I wanted to separate the warm colours from the cold ones, but none of them are enough (yet) to fill these giant mugs,
7) Glass Cube filled with (almost) all my black and grey markers from various brands. It's also where I keep white pens and metallic markers. I also store here some of the brush pens (in grey and black)
8) Blue Mug - it's the miscellaneous mug - from number 2 pencils, to pens and Posca markers, to scissors, x-acto knife and the colour brush pens.
9) Wood piece from Woodography (they were my neighbours in the last Feira das Almas, and I couldn't resist this strange photo).
10) Bordallo Pinheiro Nenufar ceramic piece in blue. It's where I keep my pencil sharpeners, rubbers and USB pens.
11) My watch. Whenever I'm working I always take my watch.
12) Cutting mate
13) Table from IKEA

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  1. Porque mostras estas coisas,Senhora, sabendo que tão mal me faz ao coração? :D Ando a namorar as Copic há imenso tempo, mas são tão caras.... Beijinhos!!

    1. As Copic são maravilhosas! uma verdadeira perdição de cores infinitas!! :D


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