Bites and Bits 2016 | 04/52

fevereiro 01, 2016

monday night drawing session with loads of watercolours experiments! (check my drawing blog to see the other drawings).

Usually I try to space out the photos during the week, but this week, most of them are just from the beginning of the week because I was down and sick for the most part of it!

on thursday I had a meeting and also went grocery shopping. the best part? I purchased some local sweets (very yummy sweet bean pastries)
It also arrived in the mail these cute illustrations by Inês Barros a fellow illustrator also from Portugal 
Also in the mail... At last I have my first Pantone!!!  ❤ ❤
I went to the art store and I was contemplating in getting more watercolours. But at the same time I didn't want to have a new set, I wanted new colours. The problem would then I wouldn't have a place to store them. Besides my local art store doesn't sell individual watercolour pans. So I find these acrylics, fell in love with these colours and bring them home! I also got a new water brush pen because the one that I have that is thinner is not holding it's shape any more.

In the days I wasn't capable of doing much (more about here) I read. Recently I wrote that I wanted to read a few authors in 2016. One of them was Thomas Harris. I started to read Hannibal (the 3rd book about Hannibal Lecter) and loved it! Also in the day I finish it I had a few nightmares about it... but I blame it on being sick and not being able to sleep well. I also started Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice in the following day (which also made have so nightmares... damm you nightmares! or damm you sickness!). And that's why over the weekend I only read romances to clear my head. More about my reading in the books read in January!

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