Bites & Bits July 27-31/52

julho 31, 2019

In July I had to do a few constructions works in my studio so I would better apt to do screen printing in my workspace (you can see a few images of it on my stories on Instagram).

During the month I got a new printer, an inkjet printer that prints A3. I've been playing the idea of offering more prints and reproductions of my illustrations, and this printer will help me doing so. I also wanted to stop depending on other printers, I become very particular about colour in my work, and sometimes it's not easy to make sure that the colour I picture and use is the one that is printed. I think this will help me to make sure the colour I print on Nuts for Paper works are colours I intended them to be.

During July I was still learning to work in screen printing and with my new tools. You can see in a photo one of the failed screens. Learning screen printing has been a lesson on patience and also a lesson on how to work clean and methodically. I was surprised that despite the slowness of the whole thing I continued excited throughout the whole process.

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