The girl with red flowers

janeiro 18, 2015

Before sharing another pattern (this week's pattern) I have something yet to share.
In the first days of January I've done a special gift for a friend of my grandma. Both of them like a lot lace, embroidery and knitting things. This friend is always bringing and showing new and old projects to my grandma. Recently she showed us both some really old based drawings based on lace projects that we're from her mother. As her birthday was approaching, me and grandma gathered up and though about creating a pillow with an illustration inspired in those old drawings that we have been shown.

Since there was no much time to actually draw and paint the pillow, I didn't do any sketch and jump into the final artwork.
Started to lightly sketch the fabric with pencil, as soon I was satisfied with the drawing I started the painting process. Everything was painted with acrylics, fabric acrylics and fabric medium, and it was finished with fabric black marker.

Unfortunately there was no chance to take a photo to the final pillow, but still, here are a few details of the final illustration.

A little bit different from what I've been doing, but quite refreshing, at least for me. What's you're thoughts on the final illustration?

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  1. Lindo, mesmo! Adorava ver como ficou a almofada, mas posso imaginar que ficou muito bem ^^

    Style & Expect


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