Bites and Bits 2016 | 01/52

janeiro 10, 2016

In 2016 I want to try to photograph more. Specially other things than Nuts for Paper products. And if I'm not able to photograph more things, at least my daily life.

optimistic start of the week with loads of programmed things
created a new illustration with some of my favourite colours
packed and shipped a bunch of orders - and also had a meeting about designing a logo
organized Nuts for Paper pins/badges and magnetics. I'm loving creating these. I also need to remind myself that I need to take individual photos of them and maybe do some more.
a few of the books that I'm currently reading. I'm loving reading Lovecraft although I feel it's not the kind of book you read very quickly (it's a short stories book but each story is quite dense and full horrific details)
this week arrived to my mail some second hand books. in this case these are a new series for me. (more about soon in the blog)
on the top of my wishlist for 2016 was invest in new boots. the boots on the right are my old boots. I've used them a lot in the last eight years. They are still good but they are starting to rip apart. It's was time for a second plan and those beauties are exactly what I wanted. Now I only need to break them a little and walk miles and miles ;) 
The week started pretty much organized. With everything layout out in my planner. Although I didn't stick with all of it (in the days I had previously programmed). I was very tired during this week, and my sleeping pattern was a little messed up; which is why I didn't managed to be as organized as I wanted. But I have to accept that some days I'm not as productive as I wish for, and sometimes is better rest and have a fresh start.

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