Bites and Bits 2016 | 02/52

janeiro 19, 2016

I had a few meetings and appointments outside of the studio and I miss the studio... a lot
I started (and finished) this book. It was a page-turner. I was so into the story and the characters that I jumped into the second one in the series (you can see all the books I have in the series here)
The making of 2016 softcover planners. Yes, I'm still making planners.
and cutting and separating the inside of the planners.
One of the best things that arrived in the mail! I am so excited for this book! ❤ (oh and the illustrations are so awesome!)
One day of this week I had one of the oddest dreams. I dream that I had squirrels living in the studio backyard. When I woke I really wished it was true.
This was probably the only thing that I purchased in sales season. Two awesome beanies. (and I don't even care that they came from the men section of ASOS).

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