Bites and Bits 2016 | 03/52

janeiro 23, 2016

When I purchased some new boots I reserved these ones too. (my number wasn't available at the time). These are for sure the most comfortable boots/shoes I own and since I got I barely used others.
I'm trying to spend more time in the studio (it's not working yet, but I'm making plans to change that). This one of the quirky storage cups that I have. Isn't he weird? My grandfather had this habit of collecting random things. I like to have some random ones around me in the studio. They remind me of him.
I'm a little late on the drawing challenge, but still doing it! I'm excited with new projects that are coming my way, where I will need to draw a lot. I'm also considering to change and improve Nuts for Paper products - so a lot of new drawings are coming my way. 
About owls... these we're created back in December. It's time to do some proper photos and share them!
Last week I've received The Art of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien  and this week I got The Art of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. I'm so excited to proper read them! I've already sneaked in and the art is so amazing! 
In December I didn't read much. But this month I've been reading a lot! (next week I'll share all the books I've read). This one was the one started in the end of the week. The 6th Target - it's the 6th book in the Woman's Murder Club series written by James Patterson. 
Friday culminated in a visit to the post offices. Time to ship some orders to: USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Finland and Portugal! Most of them were 2016 planners but one of them was my first order of just badges! (yes, I still get excited with these little things!)

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