100 Days of Nuts for Paper - Day 100

junho 08, 2018

O projecto dos 100 dias chegou ao fim!
Foi um desafio fazer este projecto, mas penso que valeu a pena. Este tipo de projecto são óptimos quando precisamos de nos focar em algo ou quando queremos desenvolver novos hábitos ou ainda queremos aprender/desenvolver uma habilidade.
Podem ver todas as publicações que fiz no blog na lista em baixo.

The 100 day project has come to an end!
It was a challenge to do this project, but I think it was worth it. This type of project is great when we need to focus on something or when we want to develop new habits or we still want to learn/develop a skill.
You can see all the posts I made on the blog in the list below.

Day 1 » 100 Days of Nuts for Paper
Day 2 » Hardcover Dot Grid Bullet Journal
Day 3, 4 & 5 » Monthly Planner
Day 6 » Nuts for Cookies
Day 7 » The Adventure Begins
Day 8 » Small Travel Journal
Day 9 » Seashells Bullet Journal
Day 10 » Tracing Paper Notebook Experiment
Day 11 to 25 » Pocket Notebooks
Day 26 » Undated Daily Planner
Day 27 to 42 » A5 Softcover Journals
Day 43 to 61 » Mini Notebooks
Day 62 » Quick Experiment
Day 63 to 72 » Bullet Journals
Day 73 to 81 » Cookbooks & Recipe Notebooks
Day 82 » Caderno Bloggers Camp 2018
Day 83 » Sketchbook
Day 84 to 95 » Studio Days (Studio Tour)
Day 99 » 5º Aniversário da Nuts for Paper

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