My 2015 ❤ Best Reads

This year I surprised myself by reading around 100 books. I never though it would be possible.
Last year I read around 50 and thought it was a lot. This year the goal was that. But as soon I got in the 50 goal I set it up, more 10 books, more 5 books, more and more until I reached the 100 mark.

I've read 29 Graphic Novels/Comics, heard 15 audiobooks, read 26 physical books and 59 digital ones. 11 books were in the Fantasy genre, 5 were romances, 19 were either Thrillers or Crime novels and 30 were related with art, illustration or design.

The most surprising one in the graphic novels genre was Locke & Key by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist)
At first I wasn't convinced with  the artwork and wasn't sure about the story. But then I got hooked!
I'm only missing one issue to finish the series. But my favourite is the Guide to the Known Keys.
Anya's GhostThis one Summer and Through the Woods were my favourites in terms of illustration. Each one with it's own style. This one Summer artwork become one of my favourites artwork of all time!
In a more gory, brutal and violent style (which I also like) were The Strain; Southern Bastards and Outcast. These are ongoing series that I haven't continued yet. The Strain I've changed to the book trilogy. I will finish the comics after the books.

In the fantasy genre the bests were - The Strain, Coraline (I already knew the movie version, which make it hard to visualize something else while I was reading, but enjoy it a lot, and the illustrations by Dave McKean in this version are spot on). You might already know that I'm big fan of The Lord of Rings trilogy, more I read it more I like it. This time I've listened to the audiobook version of the Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers and loved it! (I'm almost finished with The Return of the King, but I'm adding it already because I'm only a couple chapters away of finishing it).

I finally read three classical thrillers - Red Dragon and The silence of the lambs by Thomas Harris about the infamous Hannibal Lecter, and The Shining by Stephen King. I enjoy them all!

In the Crime genre these four books were a pleasant surprise - The Cove, 4th of July, The Redbreast and The Ice Princess.

and at last but not the least - four inspiring books that art/illustration related:
- Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon
- The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook by Alan Lee
The Art of DreamWorks Animation
- I Love Paper: Paper-Cutting Techniques and Templates for Amazing Toys, Sculptures, Props, and Costumes by Fideli Sundqvist

What about you? Which books were you're favourites of 2015?

2015 - The year of the books

illustration by a outra mafalda | nuts for paper

This year was a year full of readings and new books.
These are some of the books that I've added to my shelves during this year.

From the Drenai Saga by David Gemmell
- Legend
- The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
- The Swords of Night and Day

From Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter series
- Dance with the Devil
- The Dream-Hunter
- Acheron
- Styxx

The Strain trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
- The Strain
- The Fall
- The Night Eternal

From Avalon series by Marion Zimmer Bradley
- Lady of Avalon
- Ancestors of Avalon
- Priestess of Avalon

The Killing trilogy by David Hewson

Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson
- 1st to Die
- 2nd Chance
- 3rd Degree
- 4th of July
- The 5th Horseman
- The 6th Target
- 7th Heaven
- The 8th Confession
- The 9th Judgment
- 1oth Anniversary
- 11th Hour
- 12th of Never
- Unlucky 13

I binged in Stephen King books
- Cujo
- It
- Bag of Bones
- Salem's Lot
- Nightmares and Dreamscapes
- Pet Sematary
- The Dark Half
- Night Shift
- The Shining
- Different Seasons
- The Tommyknockers
- Full Dark, No Stars
- On Writing
- Under the Dome
- Duma Key
- Just After Sunset
- Insomnia
- The Mist
- The Green Mile
- Boleia Arriscada

I also give in to Anne Rice books (specially in The Vampire Chronicles and also the Lives of the Mayfair Witches)
- Blood Canticle: The Vampire Chronicles
- Merrick
- Blackwood Farm:
- Lasher
- The Witching Hour
- Taltos
- The Queen of the Damned
- Interview with the Vampire
- The Vampire Lestat
- Blood and Gold: The Vampire Marius
- The Vampire Armand
- Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire
- Memnoch The Devil
- The Tale of the Body Thief

I also got in my hands all the books about Hannibal Lecter written by Thomas Harris
- The Silence of the Lambs
- Red Dragon
- Hannibal
- Hannibal Rising

From Jo Nesbo I started to collect the Harry Hole series.

- The Devil's Star
- The Redbreast
- The Redeemer
- Nemesis
- The Snowman

From Fjällbacka series or Patrik Hedström series by Camilla Läckberg

- The Stonecutter
- The Gallows Bird
- The Hidden Child
- The Ice Princess
- The Preacher

From Tess Gerritsen I went with the Rizzoli & Isles series

- The Surgeon
- The Apprentice
- The Sinner
- Body Double
- Vanish
- Mephisto Club

I collected some classics too:

- Dracula by Bran Stocker
- The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales of Terror by Robert Louis Stevenson
- Frankenstein: Or, the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley
- A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
- Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
- North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
- Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
- Moby-Dick: or, The Whale by Herman Melville
- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

The goal for 2016 is to read them!

This was 2015!

Antes de entrar oficalmente em 2016 gostava de deixar algumas palavras sobre este ano que passou...
Before entering 2016 I would like to say a few words about this one...


Read in November 2015

1) The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo
Although this was the third book in this series about Harry Hole police detective/investigator of Norwegian Police, I started to read these series with this one. I enjoy it quite a lot, although I had to get use to the way the story was told.

2) 4th of July by James Patterson
Another book of the Women's Murder Club Series. I'm enjoying this series a lot, I just have to refrain myself of reading them all in (almost) in one sitting.

3) 20 ways to draw a tree by Eloise Renouf
Fun book with many ways to draw trees. It's good to remind myself that are many different ways to represent things.

4) Frank Miller: The Art of Sin City by Frank Miller
Perfect for fans of Graphic Novels and Sin City.

5) How to Make Book by Esther K.Smith
It's a pretty book, but some times is not that easy to follow the step to step guides.

6) The Art of Kung Fu Panda by Tracey Miller-Zarneke
7) The Art of DreamWorks Animation by Ramin Zahed
8) The Art of Megamind by Richard von Busack

Three books about the artwork and the work behind the scenes of animation films.

9) Pride and Prejudice by Nancy Butler (Graphic Novel - Marvel)
Beautiful covers, can stand the artwork inside.

10) I Love Paper: Paper-Cutting Tecnhiques and Templates for Amazing Toys, Sculptures, Props, and Costumes by Fideli Sundqvist
AWESOME book! Not just the design and photography of it, but the projects in it too. Great book for any paper lover.

11) The Walking Dead, Vol.01: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman
I've never been very fan of zombies. This was a re-read of this comic book. Although I like the artwork and the story in the volume, I was never curious enough to continue read it.

Still reading:
1)The Killing by David Hewson
I'm reading this one since February. Still haven't finished. It's a very long book, but I'm enjoying it.

2) Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
I decide it was time to read some classics. This one was the first one that I've picked up.

3) From Hell by Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell and Pete Mullins
I wanted to read a quick Graphic Novel, unfortunately the one that I've picked was not that little or quick read. From Hell is about the Jack the Ripper case. As most of Alan Moore Graphic Novels is full with long and amazing text, which doesn't make it the quickest of the reads. Besides that it has around 500 pages.

4) The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien
Yes still reading this one.

5) The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg
I've started this one already in December and I'm almost finishing it. So far I'm really like it. More about in the end of December.


NEW art supplies and Home Office Sneak Peak

I've just got a few new brush pens in the mail, and I wanted to share them with you!

These are the ones that I now own (they are all made in Japan and from the same brand Kuretake, although the Brush Writer ones are also known as Zig Brush Writer).

1) Kuretake Bimoji Super Fine (black marker)
2) Kuretake Bimoji Fine (NEW black marker)
3) Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen Medium
4) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Lilac (NEW and water based ink)
5) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Light Blue (NEW)
6) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Carmine Red (NEW)
7) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Light Grey
8) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Blue Grey
9) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Grey
10) Kuretake Zig Brush nº22 (Black water based ink - NEW)

Kuretake Bimoji Fine (NEW black marker)
Kuretake Zig Brush Writer in Carmine Red (NEW)

Kuretake Zig Brush nº22 (Black water based ink - NEW)

In the studio I keep most of the materials more related with Nuts for Paper business. But at my home office I like to keep some essential art supplies that often I carry around when I need them. Here's a sneak peak of it.

1) Embroidery line in dirty white for Nuts for Paper Notebooks
2) Paper Tissues - I always have a few packs in hand - not just because I have sinusitis but also I might need to wipe something clean.
3) Two small turquoise baskets with random things - tape, baker's twine, jewellery, buttons, ipod, telephone charger and memory disks.
4) Cubic glass jar with all the cables I might need. (Although most of the times there is always a few cables scattered around the desk).
5) I Love NY mug (it was a gift from my father brought from the NY airport) in this mug I keep my blue and purple shades of Copic Ciao markers.
6) Red Mug (Giant MUG) it's where I keep the rest of my Copic Ciao markers. Initially I wanted to separate the warm colours from the cold ones, but none of them are enough (yet) to fill these giant mugs,
7) Glass Cube filled with (almost) all my black and grey markers from various brands. It's also where I keep white pens and metallic markers. I also store here some of the brush pens (in grey and black)
8) Blue Mug - it's the miscellaneous mug - from number 2 pencils, to pens and Posca markers, to scissors, x-acto knife and the colour brush pens.
9) Wood piece from Woodography (they were my neighbours in the last Feira das Almas, and I couldn't resist this strange photo).
10) Bordallo Pinheiro Nenufar ceramic piece in blue. It's where I keep my pencil sharpeners, rubbers and USB pens.
11) My watch. Whenever I'm working I always take my watch.
12) Cutting mate
13) Table from IKEA


Cats and Ladybugs - Small Illustrations

Used kuretake bimoji extra fine tip, copics ciao (they were purple but look like grey in the background) black fine liner in 0.01 and white gel pen ( uni-ball signo)

A few drawings on card size and toned paper. A while back I've purchased some cards in kraft type paper to make drawings. But I've always struggled with what to draw in such small size.
In the last few days, whenever I need a break from work I simple doodle something in these cards and voilá these are a few of the drawings that were born.

 I used kuretake bimoji extra fine, copic ciao R27 - Cadmium red and uni-ball signo in white

Used pentel brush pen, kuretake bimoji extra fine, copic ciao markers and uni ball signo white gel pen


Read in October 2015

1) Red Dragon by Thomas Harris (Hannibal Lecter)
This is a Horror/Thriller fictional book that dabbles a lot in human behaviour and psychology. It's also the first book that appear's the character of Hannibal Lecter.  Hannibal Lecter film adaptions are some of my favourite films of all time, and the story in this book I got even better. The story line is pretty much the same, however you go in more deep in knowing the characters specially Francis Dolarhyde (aka THE Red Dragon). It's hard for me not give a in depth review without spoiling the book/film. I adore it! But it's not for everyone.

2) Misery by Stephen King
I shouldn't have read this book in portuguese. I think that the something was lost in the translation. I really enjoyed the story. From the books I've read from this author, the best ones are usually about writers. And this one wasn't an exception. Now I should re-watch the film!

3) Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist)
4) Locke & Key, Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill
5) Locke & Key, Vol.4: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist)
6) Locke & Key, Vol. 5: Clockworks by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez (Artist)
This is an amazing comics serious. Writing by the son of Stephen King, eerie and creepy, it's the perfect reading for Halloween season (or any other time of the year if you like the genre). At the beginning I wasn't a big fan of the art, but the story compel me to continue and I ended up to get use to the artwork. I really like the concept behind the keys and what they do. And also the fact that you only understand what's going on as long you go by.

7) 3rd Degree by James Patterson (Women's Murder Club)
3rd book of a (kind of) long series. I have mixed feelings about this one. I liked the plot, and how the murder/mysteries happen. These books have a very specific action development, but what set me off was the fact one of the woman from the Women's Murder Club being killed. Specially because it was such strong character, with more development to be made and it was wiped. It also annoyed me because in the first book the love interest of the main character dies in the end, and now in the third one of her best friends dies. What's up next? Who will die next? (I'll for sure will be reading the books to know... they are at least 15 so I have a lot to read in the next years ;) )

8) The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris (Hannibal Lecter)
Second book about Hannibal Lecter. In this one you actually have more contact with the character of Lecter. I didn't enjoy it has much as the previous one, but I think the problem with it was that I read it too fast. In this book we are introduced to Clarice Starling, a FBI agent in training, which is an amazing and intricate character. I really like to know more about Jack Crawford (FBI agent that is present in all Hannibal books).

9) Lord of the Rings - Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
Do I need to say more about Lord of the Rings? I love the books, I love the film adaptation. It's one of the stories that more I read more I love it.

10) Contos Góticos by Mary Shelley

11) The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan and Phil
Such fun book! I've read it in one sitting. I've been a fan of these two for awhile now, and they are so awkward and hilarious at the same time. It was really fun to read some stories of their past what make them to be what they are today. (Dan and Phil are youtubers know as danisnotonfire and amazingphil)

Still reading
1) Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien
2)The Killing by David Hewson
3) The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo
The bottom ones are both amysteries and about police investigations. One happens in Denmark and the other in Norway. One as 708 pages and the other 636. I'm more than half way with the longest one and half way of the other one.


Getting ready for Feira das Almas

Esta semana estive focada em preparar-me para a Feira das Almas (amanhã) - além de acabar algumas encomendas que tinha para acabar. 

This week I've been focus on getting ready for the flea market that I will attend tomorrow (besides finishing a few orders).


New Business Cards!

Today I wanted to share the new cards (and yes you can collect them all ;) )
Hoje queria partilhar os novos cartões! ( e sim podem coleccioná-los) 


INKtober 12 - 18

Another #inktober drawing. This one was birthday gift for a friend. Done with kuretake bimoji brush pen, kuretake brush writer in light grey, ecoline (liquid watercolour) in scarlet, watercolour pencil in blue and black fine liner. 

Finally catching up with #inktober again. Used pentel brush pen, black fine liner, white gel pen and copics

14th day of  #intober - again in a Halloween spirit. Channelling my inner Wednesday Addams! Used Kuretake bimoji brush pen and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey
Something different for 15th day of #inktober - Black Fine Liner, Kuretake Brush Writer in Grey and Copic.
Hello! This is the 16th day of #INKtober! I love to draw common objects - like vintage telephones. Used Kuretake Bimoji brush pen, Copics and Black Fine liner
17th day of #INKtober and I'm back to black and grey with Pentel Brush Pen, Copics and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey

Animals | Custom Planner

As the times pass I'm more sure and sure that illustration and drawing is one of the things that I love more to do. And I'm already setting as goal for 2016, that I want to dedicate myself more to do that.
Yesterday I was searching for old photos, and I found out that I hadn't share anything about this planner.

Cada vez tenho mais a certeza que a ilustração é das coisas que mais gosto de fazer. E já estou a pensar que em 2016 é algo em que me quero dedicar ainda mais.
Ontem estava a rever algumas fotografias e descobri que ainda não tinha partilhado esta agenda personalizada.



Agendas 2015/2016 | 2015/2016 Planners

These two past weeks have been quite strange around here. But, at my rhythm, I'm getting back to normal.
Estas duas semanas foram um pouco estranhas por aqui. Mas ao meu ritmo estou a voltar à normalidade.

I have so many things to share in the following weeks - new notebooks, the end of few patterns or collections, more weekly planners and the expected 2016 planners| (I also hope to be able to create some calendars and a few other surprises).
Tenho imensas novidades para partilhar nas próximas semanas - cadernos novos, o fim de algumas coleções, mais blocos de notas semanais e as esperadas agendas 2016! (espero ainda conseguir fazer calendários e mais uma ou outra surpresa).

I will also soon will share the limit dates for Christmas custom orders.
Brevemente irei partilhar também datas limite para encomendas personalizadas para a época natalícia.

This month I've decided to participate in a daily drawing challenge called INKtober. It consists on a daily drawing made with ink. If you're curious about the challenge check it here. If you want to see my drawings check my illustration blog or the facebook page a outra mafalda.
Este mês decidi participar num desafio de desenho que se chama INKtober. Basicamente passa por realizar um desenho por dia, durantes todos os dia de Outubro usando tinta. Se ficaram curiosos sobre o desafio podem ler mais sobre ele aqui. Se quiserem ver os meus desenhos podem vê-los no meu blog de ilustração ou na página a outra mafalda.
Este desafio fez-me dar conta das saudades que tinha de desenhar. Estou a ponderar criar mais originais e vendê-los; e talvez até aceitar fazer algumas ilustrações personalizadas.

Have a nice weekend and you'll hear from me very soon!
Bom fim-de-semana e até breve!


INKtober 5-11

5th day Humm I feel Like I'm being watched.. | Used Pentel Brush Pen, Black Fineliner and Copic markers.and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey
Walking in day 6th of #inktober still thinking about cosy clothes and sweater weather. Pentel brush pen, fine liner 0.01, Copic markers and Kuretake Brush Writer in Light Grey
Pumpkins and pumpkins... I'm slowly getting in the Halloween spirit!! #thisishalloween and still doing the #inktober 7th day and in this one the line art was made with pentel brush pen. Colours with copics and grey shading with kuretake brush writer in light grey
8th day of #inktober ... Fall hasn't arrive here yet. We can still dress light skirts and short sleeves. Used Kuretake Bimoji and Copics Ciao - B12, RV21, E00 and E11. Drawing, look and pose inspired by @kittenhoods
9th day of #inktober today I'm into pastel plaid and flowers. Used kuretake bimoji brush pen and copic.
10th day of #inktober today only in black ink. Done with kuretake bimoji brush pen 
11th drawing for #inktober it sort of reminds me Enid from ghost world. Used kuretake bimoji black pen and kuretake brush writer in light grey and grey. White gel pen for stars and 0.1 black fine liner for details

Last week INTober illustrations
More about Inktober here.



Could be a INKtober drawing, but it wasn't. Just a rant about a crazy monday.
My reaction to last Monday morning. I was expecting a quite and productive morning, instead there was noise, constant interruptions and no work done.

Pentel Brush Pen
Black Fine liner 0.1
Copic Ciao Markers


Inktober 1-4

1st day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics

2nd day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics

3rd day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics

4th day - Used Pentel Brush Pen, Uni pin Fine Line 0.1 and Copics
More about Inktober here.


Read in September'15

I've been back to reading a little bit more. I particularly re-discovered the pleasure of working while listening to audiobooks, or make a quick break with a chapter or two of a book.

1) Through the Woods (Graphic Novel with 5 short stories) by Emily Carroll
This Graphic Novel is amazing! The short stories are creepy and grab the attention. The artwork is BEYOND amazing. One of the favourites reads of this month.

2) Wytches (on going comic, this is vol.1) by Scott Snyder ( Author) and Jock (Illustrator)

3) The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook by Alan Lee
This books is full of amazing (mostly) pencil sketches for a Lord of the Rings Illustrations. It gives a different graphic perspective from the film, which I appreciate a lot.

4) Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple) by Agatha Christie
I've always love mistery and detective stories. This month I decided to start reading a few classics in this area. I grabbed two books by Agatha Christie. I decided not to go for the Poirot, because it's the one I'm most familiar with (although not through the books, but from the TV series), instead grab some Miss Marple mysteries.

5) The Body in the Library (Miss Marple) by Agatha Christie

6) The Cove (Audiobook) by Catherine Coulter
Finally decided to start this series of books by Catherine Coulter all related with FBI thrillers.
So far I'm liking the style. Although I listened to this audiobook (for moments) I felt I was watching and Hitchcock movie.

7) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas) by Dean Koontz
This is a series that I've started last year. I really like the character and all the paranormal and ghosts activity. It's a bit different from what I usually read (although it reminds me a lot an absolutely favourite which is Harry Dresden, from The Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher). My only issue with the two books of this series I've read is that until a certain point in the story the pace is really fast and fun, and then it slows down so much, that it becomes almost dreadful. Maybe it's a style of the author, I'll have to read more to figure that out and maybe get use to it.

8) Boleia Arriscada (Short Stories) | Everything's Eventual 14 Short Stories by Stephen King
My favourite short stories (in order of appearance) "Autopsy Room Four"; "The man in the Black suit"; "Everything's Eventual" and "Riding the Bullet".
I've decided to skip the "1408" short story because I've seen the movie adaptation quite recently, and I still remember it (but I will read it someday). I've also didn't read "The Little Sisters of Eluria" because it does part of The Dark Tower series, which I'm not (yet) familiar with. I will read the short story, but only when I read the series.

9) O Senhor dos Aneis - A Irmandade do Anel (Audiobook) | The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkein
Technically I didn't finish this one in September, but I'm counting in finishing in the following days. The narrators voice is very soothing and expressive. Sometimes I found myself discovering details that I never had notice before. I'm not sure if it's because it's the first time I'm contacting with the book in english, or it's because I read too fast - in portuguese and (most of the times) in english too (probably both).


September Favourites'15

This month I decided to try something new and list a few of my favourites in a drawing format!

1) 2015/2016 Planner - Handmade by me (Nuts for Paper.)
I was trying a new product design and ended up to stay with the tester for me. It's a mix of book cloth (the red part) and pattern design paper with ladybugs and butterflies. Of course in my favourite colour combo - red and blue.

2) Messenger Bag (from Asos brand)
I both this bag in the beginning of summer, but only now I'm starting to use it. I love this style of bag. I just wish it was a little bigger so my computer could fit in.

3) Blue Baker's Twine (from Made in Paper)
I've stock up my Baker's Twine - at moment I have it in three shades of blue. If I find more blue shades I might feel tempted to add it to my "collection".

4) Copic Ciao Markers
I've been building on this collection of markers in the past months. At the moment I have 73 different shades and I'm very happy with it! and with the perspective of creating more original artwork with them.

5) Curls Curls Curls Curls
At last, after so many months of pushing it back, I went to my hairdresser and make curls. I feel like myself again!

6) Hobbit Day!! (22nd of September)
If you don't know what Hobbit Day, it's Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthday! (Yes, I'm a huge nerd and fan for Tolkien books, and also Peter Jackson movie adaptation). With that in mind I've started to re-read The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring!!

7) New Pencils
This month I got a few new colour pencils. I hadn't use them for a few years, and I'm very excited to use them again.

8) and Fall/ Autumn is here!!


Cat Planner - Custom Illustration

Some behind the scenes of the creation of another custom order. This time the Cat Planner.
It all started with the sketch (a coffee and some toast to give a boost of energy).