Bites & Bits March 12/52

março 24, 2019

Day 19 | Dream collaboration
It already happened - my dream collaboration was to design/illustrate books. Recently I designed and illustrated two activity books for young girls for a national publisher. Previously I had the opportunity to design a couple of books, but these two where the first fully illustrated and designed by me.
- O meu Diário Superfixe
- O Diário das Melhores Amigas
Published by Booksmile - 20|20 editora

Day 20 | Design Process
From paper to product/notebook
Everything starts with a pencil, paper and an idea. Then it's tested, and coloured on the computer. Then printed and checked if it works. This was part of the design process of last year Bloggers Camp exclusive journal.

Day 22 | Proud of
I am proud of Nuts for Paper
This year my brand is going to make six years and I'm very proud of everything that I did and achieve with it. (The brand birthday is on the 5th of June if you wanna mark it on your calendar ;))

Day 23 | Top tip or Advice
Make time in your schedule to rest and do other things not work-related. I learned it a little bit too late to avoid a small burnout. Nowadays I'm learning to balance both things: work and leisure

March Meet the maker 
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Studio | Week 4 | Week 5
March is the month of the March Meet the Maker created by Joanne Hawker
This year I decide to participate and share on both of my Instagram accounts some of the prompts.

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