Bites & Bits March 11/52

março 15, 2019

Day 11 | Reducing Waste
For the most part, I've always tried to be true to the name brand and have more paper packaging instead of using plastic. Maybe the most relevant recent change is wrapped my products in tissue paper and replace the bubble mailers for cardboard flat mailers. It's not a big change, but small steps go a long way.

Day 12 | Hands at work
Some stills from last year video that I did showing the process of Bloggers Camp notebooks. I seldom have photos of my hands at work...

Day 13 | Photography
- I like to photograph what I made on white backgrounds (usually it's an IKEA table that I have at my parents living room).
- I try to photograph with natural and not direct light so usually means I can photograph from 10 am to 3pm (in my usual spot).
- I don't use a tripod, I prefer to search for the angles with the camera (although most of the time I photograph flat lays).
- I try to use things like other notebooks, clips, pencils, pin badges, bookmarks and other little things to make the photo more interesting.

Day 14 | How I learnt
It all started with books. When I was 11/12 years old my father started to gift me books about drawing, later I dwell in books about arts & crafts, design, art history even philosophy of arts. The books made me fall in love with art, with drawing and illustration... And also the craft. I learn from the books, from some teachers I had along the way and from the internet. Although I have a degree in Design, and post-graduation in Visual Design most of the things I do I learn them by making them, I learn with the experiences of others who bravely share their paths and experiences either on social media, blogs or books. I also need to credit a few workshops that I did - I might not have learned a lot from them, but at least I learned what I didn't want to do or what was not my path (and this is a very important thing)
These are my books, the ones that are in the studio

Day 15 | Motivation or Goals
One of the things that keeps me motivated is the people and how they react to my illustration and products. Other is the whole creative process - I love to create and make new things.
As for goals:
- at the moment my goal is to create a website for Nuts for Paper and have a page with the services and products that I do
- get back to create new products (stickers, planners, tote bags, mugs, etc are some of the priorities)

[Day 16 | Workspace - check next post]

March Meet the maker 
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Studio | Week 4 | Week 5
March is the month of the March Meet the Maker created by Joanne Hawker
This year I decide to participate and share on both of my Instagram accounts some of the prompts.

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