Bites & Bits March 13/52

março 31, 2019

Day 25 | How it's made
Last year I share a few vlogs on YouTube about how made some products. Photos of the process are harder to have, I'm usually so taken with the making and process that I seldom remember to photograph it. This is a halfway process of making pin badges. This was an older design that it's not available anymore.

Day 28 | Packaged
I try to only use paper on the packaging of Nuts for Paper products - kraft paper or tissue paper are often the ones that use along with baker's twine. I learned with a friend to enjoy the process of wrapping things, it's almost like each thing that I do and wrap it's a gift from me to you.

Day 29 | Most difficult to make
All hardcover notebooks, planners and journals. Especially because it has been a while since I did hardcover notebooks, and there are minor things in the cover that can make or break the final product. This only means that I need to make more of them!!

March Meet the maker 
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Studio | Week 4 | Week 5
March is the month of the March Meet the Maker created by Joanne Hawker
This year I decide to participate and share on both of my Instagram accounts some of the prompts.

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