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março 16, 2019

Day 16 | Workspace
This is my Nuts for Paper Studio 2019 version. I can see that throughout the years my studio is getting more full and colourful (just like a well-used Nuts for Paper notebook). This is the main area of the studio, on the left is glueing station and my ream guillotine. In the front are the two main desks - the left one is where I cut cardboard and sew the notebooks; the one on the right is where I pack orders and where my computer sits (most of the time nowadays my studio is a computer free zone, which is interesting and makes me see how much time I spend at my computer). On the right is where the bookshelves are (check day 14 for a full view of them). I'm lucky enough to also have a workspace at home - which is where I draw and work on illustration. Have designated spaces for certain work help me on being more focused when I am working.

March Meet the maker 
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Studio | Week 4 | Week 5
March is the month of the March Meet the Maker created by Joanne Hawker
This year I decide to participate and share on both of my Instagram accounts some of the prompts.

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  1. Lugar tão confortavel e bonitinho, é por isso que sai magia daí :)


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