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janeiro 30, 2014

Entre doenças, preguiça e outros projectos (santa trindade) os esquilos namoradeiros viram o seu namoro a demorar. Os desenhos já estão terminados, agora estou a começar a dar-lhes cor, enquanto a Catarina está a tratar de toda a tipografia e frases românticas que irão estar junto com as ilustrações.


Between flu, laziness and other projects the squirrels have to delay their dates. The drawings are finished, now I'm starting putting colour, while Catarina is in charge of the typography and the romantic phrases that will go in the final illustrations. (Stay tuned for a really short video of me colouring the squirrels).

Between phone long distance phone calls, sweets and flowers

can you name the music that inspire this illustration?

Squirrels in the moonlight!

and even on the love boat! Who use to see this tv series?

e o video prometido! \\ and the promissed video

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